Poster by Tutuk

Poster by Tutuk

In Shadow at 912 Julia in New Orleans, Louisiana was an installation that transformed the gallery into a space partly steeped in darkness.  Through this constructed darkness we found a place to mourn and reflect with the illuminated hand carved portraits, forms, and storyboards in memoriam of the thousands of untold migrant deaths. In the lit half of 912 Julia the viewer interacted with photos, fabric art, sculpture and screen prints that explored the settings of borders around the world and specifically the cause and effects of United States interventionism and imperialism. 

Featured during the two weeks of this exhibit were discussions with lawyers and activists, live performances, letter writing, film screenings, workshops and live Skype chats with those effected by the Muslim ban. We were incredibly honored to have guests such as immigration lawyer Kathleen Gasparian, Familias Unidas en Accion, and members of the De-othering Project to discuss and dissect the legal labyrinth that ensnares immigrants, asylum seekers, and allies through the detention system, the asylum process and deportation, and the obstacles immigrants face as they adapt to life in the U.S.

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Special thanks to Ella Anderson Hubley, Sarrah Danziger and Antonia Zennaro for photographing this event.