In Shadow is an installation presented by Antonia Zennaro, Lacy Levin, Cata Cowlen, Savannah Levin and Nelle Edge. These artists travelled to the borderlands in the fall of 2018, funded in part by the Puffin Foundation Of New York Artist Grant, to perform an original full-length shadow theatre piece in English and Spanish, specifically in sanctuary spaces. They spent four weeks performing, documenting, and conducting interviews on both sides of the US/Mexico border with migrants, asylum seekers, deportees, organizers, and activists. In Shadow is a multimedia installation and set of performances and panels that aim to facilitate a public discussion about the realities of immigration and the criminalization of migration into the United States.

Parts of the installation were shown at the Satellite Show in Art Basel 2018 and at 912 Julia (2019) in New Orleans, LA. 

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